Case Study: LA BOMBA

Making the best of the pandemic: from Italian fine-dining to gourmet sandwiches

In Thailand, Pandemic measures have been particularly hard on the F&B industry. After being shut down several time, then allowed to serve without alcohol, many of Bangkok’s venues found themselves in complicated situations.

Clara, our long time clients and friends are no exception.

Clara thought of shifting their offer to delivery, but for the level of quality the Italian fine-dining venue holds, delivery might be a compromise on quality.

The 100 ideas/hour duo looked back into Chef Christian’s root of Puglia, and figured Italian Sandwiches were not that represented in Bangkok. He has a recipe, with a round bread, and fridges full of gourmet ingredients.

There it was: and Italian Cloud Kitchen of Gourmet Sandwiches.

Christian calls the sandwiches, the “bombas”. They are round, and they are an explosion of flavours. Now, recipe’s in, we need a logo, wrapping papers, and delivery platforms ASAP.

Meeting on a Monday, Clara’s team had all they had to hand out their sandwich to the delivery boys on Friday. Total time from start to finish: not even a week!

Creating a last-minute Simple & Evolutive branding

The circular shape of the sandwich, the name, loud in the middle, and that lady speeding up on a Vespa, that would yell Italy at your face, we have a logo!

That logo works as a sticker, and that does it for our take-away packaging.

Each sandwich is very unique, so giving them a single color scheme and their name on another sticker, all of that with a custom made food-safe wrapping paper, and that’s the food packaging sorted out!

And since we’re in a rush, we need to create simple yet efficient visuals to be spread on flyers and social media: a logo, a striking visual, a few frames in our color-scheme, a straight-to-the-point tag-line, order information, and we should be good to go!

Within a week, the business that was pre-order only found itself sold-out almost everyday!

La Bomba! now has it’s dedicated page