19 Yenakart

Branding an F&B event-focused space that offers public and private bespoke events.

Client: Yenakart Group
Delivery: January 2022
Location: Bangkok


Developed a new and vibrant branding for 19 Yenakart, an ever-evolving indoor and outdoor event space owned and operated by Yenakart Group, the team behind Bangkok’s renowned restaurant, Workshop.


Imagined and developed two style guides that are able to live together. The first being built and used to promote the event venue itself and the second one dedicated to promoting commercial events held at 19 Yenakart Eatery & Garden.

Y19 Brand Book Overview


The venue branding used to promote the event space itself capitalizes on a dark green color together with different leaf textures paying homage to the lush garden of the outdoor space.

On the other hand, color-coded mechanics matching strong visual backgrounds were developed to create a commercial branding that allows showcasing partners’ events. A consistent structure associated with the venue ensures brand visibility, while vibrantly putting forward the events.

Y19 Poster Design Guidelines
Event Posters Y19
Event Posters Y19
Event Posters Y19


Art Direction
Collaterals Design
Photography & Dynamic Content

Graphic Guidelines
Voice & Storytelling
Social Media content strategy
Social Media content development