Camille & Dalaya

Growing a digital presence for a fresh beach-inspired lifestyle brand

Client: Camille & Dalaya
Location: Phuket
Delivery: 2022


Camille & Dalaya has several shops in prime holiday destinations around Thailand. Locally, it is already well established amongst fashionable vacation shoppers.

As the pandemic hit the worldwide flow of travellers, Camille & Dalaya had to establish an online presence and upscale their branding to reach a wider audience.


Introduce Camille and Dalaya to a broader customer base and position it as a trendy yet timeless resort lifestyle brand, through art direction that reflects its French and Asian roots, inspired by the allure of the sun-chasing boho woman.

Kickstart the brand’s digital marketing efforts by devising tailor-made social media strategies with the aim of boosting Camille & Dalaya’s online visibility and making it a recognizable name amongst international holidaymakers and domestic tourists looking for stylish resort wear and beach-inspired accessories in Thailand.

Design a website that reflects the brand’s boho chic aesthetic and serves as an online window into the brand’s collections.


To e-push this vibrant fashion business into its next stage of growth, we worked on redefining the name, logo, and brand universe. An elegant color palette was selected, as well as a new font, that would take Camille & Dalaya to a new level and make it more recognizable and eye-catching, but also seamlessly integrate into the brick-and-mortar shops and any brand collaterals.

This new visual identity was then applied to the social media channels and the website, giving them an attractive appearance with a sophisticated edge, properly branded all throughout.


We overhauled the Camille & Dalaya brand to take it to a new level of visual impact that enhances its beach lifestyle appeal and gives it its own distinct identity. Through the launch of new social channels, social ads and a website with a unique voice and sleek visuals, Camille & Dalaya has successfully taken a new direction which leads to better brand awareness, online traffic and ultimately, more foot traffic to the boutiques.


Logo Design

Social Media
Content Curation