Galleries’ Nights 2021

Branding Bangkok's Galleries annual event

Client: French Embassy / Cultural Services
Date: December 2021
Location: Bangkok & Bang Saen, Thailand


First launched in 2013, Galleries’ Nights is dedicated to providing a “huge, immersive, mesmerizing and festive” art-forward event by bringing together local and international artists and galleries in a series of exhibitions for two nights.

Following the concept of Parisian “Nuits Blanches”, The French Embassy’s Cultural Services, event organizers, wanted to highlight their slogan, ART IS THE SOLUTION, in a mood reflective of urban nights.

Galleries’ Nights was also the first major art event held after COVID-19’s measures were softened in the City of Angels, and we had to consider the approach people had to art, and how the pandemic could affect it.

Metro poster for gallerie's nights
poster galleries' nights
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Gallerie's nights dynamic poster
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When most of us spent months locked at home, our access to Art mostly happened through screens. Even if this is a way to stay connected to the art world and to the Artworks, we felt that these tiny windows were too small for the immensity of our subject.

Our phones will only give us a reflection of an Artwork. Galleries’ Nights also advocates interacting with the art in the galleries, letting the physical take over, the textures reveal themselves, the depth reappear out of the flatness of a smartphone glass.

We wanted to break the black mirror, and show, with Galleries’ Nights, that Art IS The Solution, that got us through the hard times, but also that will get us out of them.

Map for Gallerie's nights
Overall map for Gallerie's nights


We created a series of Glitches, that represent the digital access we had to art, but also the malfunction of a device. The visuals use the base colors of screen lights, and are abstract. They can be both an end, or a beginning.

We have framed these glitches by a dark blue, that can be interpreted as the light at the end of the tunnel; while the Slogan comes covering the glitch, also making it look like a phone screen again, consequently, a thing to put behind, as Galleries’ Nights’ would celebrate the re-opening of physical galleries.

All visuals were meant to use a different glitch, or, through the social media campaign, animated background posts, with glitches, artistic or abstract videos.

These video posters were also broadcast on Bangkok’s BTS Pillars.

The visual is encapsulated in a colorful duality, leaving its interpretation broadly open. As art should be.

Gallerie's nights body movement poster
Gallerie's nights car animation
Gallerie's nights interactive poster
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Behind the scene of Gallerie's nights
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Successful Social Media Animated Posts Campaign

Major Media coverage (The Standard, Soi Milk, LOFFICIEL, Time Out, Major Newspapers, etc…)

Acclaimed as the only Art Event of 2021

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Creative Direction
Logo Design
Poster Design

Map Design
Social Media Content