Hotel Infante Sagres Porto

Rebranding Porto’s most legendary luxury hotel to take it to new heights.

Client: Hotel Infante Sagres Porto
Delivery: 2023
Location: Porto, Portugal


Oversee the complete rebranding of Hospes Infante Sagres, Porto’s first 5-star hotel since 1951. The task was straightforward: refurbish its identity, aligning it with the Hospes Hotels Group’s luxurious appeal, by orchestrating new branding, marketing, and digital narratives that embrace both heritage and modern allure.


YouMakeMe worked closely with Nano Design, a highly acclaimed architecture firm in Porto, to masterfully reimagine the space, blending local culture with modern elegance through a story-led design direction that is inspired by Portugal’s Age of Exploration and Discovery, a fascinating chapter of history replete with tales of exploration. The hotel’s enhancements pay homage to Prince Henry the Navigator, also known as Infante Sagres, and to “The Lusiads,” a renowned Portuguese epic poem by Luís Vaz de Camões.

In line with this narrative thread, we created a strong social media strategy and brand voice, to envelop guests in the abundant cultural legacy of Portugal, and entice them to embark on their own odyssey of discovery and timeless stories.

We also captured the hotel’s compelling mix of culture, heritage, modernity, and refinement in new photo and video content, to showcase the distinctive aesthetic through creative and engaging visual assets. Our digital overhaul also included the launch of a reimagined website, complete with enhanced content, improved user experience, integrated CRM and Emailing tools, and a well-coordinated paid campaign strategy.


And voilà! The transformation of Hospes Infante Sagres Porto is a true ode to the Hospes values of genuine local connection and unparalleled service. The new branding invites travellers on a journey—expect a warm embrace of comfort and a showcase of Porto’s enchanting history.

This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the hotel, propelling it back onto the map as Porto’s unrivaled Grande Dame and reinstating its rightful position of prestige and elegance.


Interior Design Consulting
Experience Design
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Digital Marketing Strategy
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