The Regent

Rebranding for 3 restaurants located in the Regent Hong Kong, a 5-star hotel that is set to open soon at the famed Victoria Harbour.

Client: The Regent
Delivery: 2022
Location: Hong Kong


Redesign the branding identity for 3 of Regent Hong Kong’s signature restaurants & bars: a lobby lounge, an all-day dining concept, and a steak house.


We custom-created 3 distinct brandings for 3 high-end concepts, each with their own universe, to answer the hotel’s need for change and creativity whilst staying aligned with their ‘modern luxury’ positioning and being appealing for both Chinese and International clienteles.

 The venues’ logos were reimagined, and all collaterals from business cards to menus, coasters, napkins, boxes etc. were also redesigned to reflect the new art direction. We also curated, created, and sourced the artworks that adorn the walls in all three venues.

The Steak House

For the steak house concept, which already had a fine reputation as one of Hong Kong’s first charcoal grill meat-centric restaurants, it was important to retain their sophisticated identity while elevating it to a new, more modern level.

Being more of an evening dining destination, it uses darker colors, both inside the venue and throughout the branding. The color universe takes inspiration from the concept itself, seamlessly echoing elements, shades and textures that are found in cattle treatment and meat grilling such as distressed leather, charcoal, embers, copper, hot stamping, etc.

 The main font is a very iconic industrial wood type – reminiscent of early century Chelsea meat markets, balanced out by the secondary font which is more modern.

The brand’s dark, luxurious tones and textures are applied to all collaterals, highlighting the USPs such as the very extensive wine list and high-quality meat selection from different countries.

The Lobby Lounge

Part tea room, part meeting place for Hong Kong’s elite, foodies and savvy socialites, the elegant Lobby lounge at Regent Hong Kong features interiors that are a fresh play on the modern retro style. This is what inspired the new logo, which also has that nostalgic familiarity.

The color code follows the hotel’s one, relating to the core Regent branding which features red and gold. Giving the outlet a decidedly premium feel, original details are included all throughout – for instance, the menu consists of 3 booklets held together in one box containing the champagne menu, the food menu, and the afternoon tea menu.


The hotel’s all-day dining outlet is a bright and spacious venue facing the harbour, where the buffet dining and Champagne brunch are a major draw. Offering beautiful views and lots of natural light, it has a great location right on the water, and projects an upscale yet family-friendly image.
For this venue, a modern, rounded, feminine, neo-retro logo was created, complementing the restaurant’s luminous interiors and slightly nautical vibe.


The color code features dark blue, inspired by the harbour’s crashing waves and the sea itself, contrasted with white, referencing the marble inside the venue.

In line with the brand’s sustainable values, recycled elements are incorporated into certain collaterals, such as coasters and bill holders made from recycled plastic.
Being located in a 5* hotel, it is essential for the venue to cater for all guests with thoughtful details, so bespoke colouring books featuring sea elements were created for children, while the rest of the collaterals are very magazine-like to appeal to a high-end clientele.


Logo Design
Art Direction

Collaterals Roll-Out
Art curation, sourcing and production