Hotels G

Lifestyle. In-vogue. Outspoken

Client: Gaw Capital
Delivery: Since 2010
Location: Worldwide


Create a hotel brand to serve developers’ interests. With instant brand recognition, scalability and rapid returns. A concept that allows developers to change the use of assets – office to hotel / residential to hotel.


Develop a non-standardized mid-scale lifestyle hotel brand that fills in market gaps. A highly designed brand with strong appeal for Millennials and Gen Z by working with smaller room sizes allowing competitive rates.


A concept integrating instagrammable moments throughout the design, large public areas activated by co-working, locally recognised restaurants and art pop-ups.

G Sessions

A branded bi-annual hotel party taking place at Hotel G properties or restaurants. Lobby spaces are turned into a 1-night interactive event space unlike anything ever seen. More than just another party, each G Session demonstrates a unique & creative aspect that is very specific to the city/hotel where it’s taking place, while reflecting what Hotels G are renowned for: Design, Fashion, Arts, Music, and Culture.

G Talk

A short free seminar created to spread knowledge and inspire people in the city. Taking place once a week at each F&B outlet of Hotels G, a leading Influencer will come to share his/her knowledge in line with topics reflecting Hotels G’s DNA: Fashion, Design, Arts, Music, Entertainment, Travel, F&B, and Culture.

With G Talk, Hotels G becomes a place where communities and knowledge integrate.


10 properties open in less than 9 years

80%+ Occupancy across all the portfolio

Voted best lifestyle hotel brand in Asia

Appeared on BBC world


Beijing, Bangkok, Yangon, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, Shenzhen, and more…

Experience Design
Art Direction Strategy
Operations Marketing
Media Relations & Investors Relations
Content & Storytelling
Way-Finding And Signage

Restaurant Concepts & Branding
Digital Marketing
Website Design
Technology Integration