Client: Clara Bangkok
Date: June 2020
Location: Bangkok


6 years after giving birth to Bangkok Italian sensation Sensi, Chef Christian Martena and Maître D’ Clara Del Corso-Martena are putting their hearts into a new much-awaited culinary venture. The duo went on a regional tour to soak up some new flavours, techniques and inspirations, passing by the iconic Strand in Yangon, Myanmar and the Six Senses Koh Samui.


As an amuse-bouche to the opening of CLARA, a celebration of Italian modern cuisine, Clara and Christian Martena present “Waiting For CLARA”​, a pop-up concept of the upcoming establishment, open in Bangkok’s Yen Akat neighborhood at the end of September of 2019.


As a first step, the secret pop-up restaurant “Waiting For Clara…” displayed a simple yet elegant 3 dot logo, wax-stamped at the back of a vertical envelope.  The envelope symbolized a correspondence as an invitation to an experience, that could be slowly pulled off to reveal, little by little, each dish of the experience.

As a second step, CLARA needed to elegantly stay discreet to blend in designer furniture and art gallery environment. The sealed envelope menu is still a key experience to unveil an always-changing tasting menu. A revisited elegant yet modern font paired with uncommon alignments embodied Chef Martena’s cuisine, twisting Italian gastronomy into modernist dishes.


Received “The Top 25 Restaurant Awards” of Bangkok in 2021


Art Direction
Collateral Design

Graphic Guidelines
Website Design
Digital Marketing Strategy