Mad Kitchen

Branding for a rebellious cloud kitchen concept

Client: Mad Kitchen
Location: Bangkok
Delivery: September 2022


The innovative team of restaurateurs behind acclaimed venues and brands including WORKSHOP, 19 Yenakart – Eatery & Garden, and Coquillette – French Pasta & Bistro appointed YouMakeMe to develop the branding and social media strategy for their latest concept – Mad Kitchen.
We were commissioned to provide a logo, ready-to-use branding, website, social media strategy, and content production to introduce Mad Kitchen as an edgy and visually striking brand to help them launch amidst a competitive F&B market.


Develop a highly recognizable branding that can be easily rolled out on different mediums, using visual elements of 90’s nostalgia and urban cultures, combined with an engaging and humorous tone of voice, bright colors and sharp photography.
Integrate this bold and colorful branding into a bespoke social media strategy, to express the brand’s DNA via high-impact content that draws the audience in.


To set the wheels in motion and help this bold brand make a splash on Bangkok’s ever-changing dining scene, we worked on defining its brand universe, voice, and social media strategy.

Drawing inspiration from colourful street art, 90s urban cultures and “guilty pleasures” food, we created Mad Kitchen’s brand identity and rolled it out across all the collaterals – both online and offline.

To go along with this punchy branding, we gave Mad Kitchen a cheeky, engaging, and playful tone of voice, to reflect their bold, fun, and daring attitude.

Staying true to the brand’s aesthetic, the social media content reflects the emphasis on big flavours and unapologetically indulgent food showcased with a touch of humour and playfulness, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued.


The branding is seamlessly integrated into all collaterals and channels, from social media to menus, website and more, effectively conveying the brand proposition which revolves around providing high-quality comfort food with a creative edge to expats and Bangkokian foodies alike.

The brand’s signature humor emerges from the offbeat voice and recognition of the popular 90s cultural references, as well as from the creative ways in which the visuals are constructed. Not only does the brand content inspire smiles and makes people look twice; it also communicates the brand’s personality, giving followers something to connect to and engage with.


Logo Design
Art Direction
Collateral Design

Content Curation
Social Media
Graphic Guidelines
Website Design