Sarkies Bar

A Century-old go-to Cocktail Bar for Yangon's scene

Client: The Strand
Delivery: September 2018
Location: Yangon, Myanmar


Open in 1901, by the Sarkies brothers, Aviet, Arshan & Tigran, the Sarkies Bar became a renowned Yangon staple for more than a century, hosting patrons ranging from Hemingway, Mick Jagger to world Royalty and Ambassadors.

In 2016, The Strand Hotel needed the aging establishment to be refreshed and refurbished to withstand its reputation.


Along with the work done on The Strand Hotel, in wanting to stay true to its legacy, the new logo pays homage to the building and its founders.

The offer remains high-end cocktails, but in an updated “smokey/speak-easy” venue. The overall space design was done in collaboration with prestigious architect studio P49.


The venue was re-activated through a strong mixology program, featuring bar take-overs showcasing some of Asia’s finest mixologists. Sarkies was given the tools to produce aged cocktails, house-made Rhums, and many custom infusions & oils. but adding the tools to create liquors and infusions on the spot, in this

The objective was to revive the space as a select go-to for Yangon’s go-to for top-tier patrons.


Awarded several times as the best speak-easy and cocktail bar in the city and recognised as the oldest bar in Yangon, running since 1901


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